Saturday, August 30, 2014

Promise To Stay In Touch

I couldn't find the right words
Nothing seemed to rhyme
To write something for you all
I think it will take time

Because when you have friends
That are very hard to find
There's so much to say
Because you make everything alright

So I will tell you right now
exactly what I need to say
To show you how much I appreciate
You being there everyday

You're worth more than anyone
even a million pounds
Because you always know what to say
When I am feeling down

You make me smile big smiles
And my days so very bright
And when I lose my way
You find me in the night

I sometimes wish I could explain
How much you mean to me
But its just not possible
To list a billion things

So I just wanted to say
I love you so so much
And I hope you never leave me
Promise to stay in touch

© Louise 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Oh, If Only

If I were to travel through the whole infinite galaxy 
Saying "This star is yours, this star is mine" 
If I were to sit on the moon when I got tired 
Watching the world, Oh if only you were by my side 

If I could take your hands, shivering from the cold into 
my hands and warm them 
If you could feel the warmth of my heart in your hands 
As my eyes explain to you how much I love you 
Oh, if only you could but hear it.. 

With every beat I know that my heart 
Sends you through my veins every second 
You are always here, look, right here 
I put it here on your hand once more, oh if only you could feel it.

Cenk (cybernetics)