Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Eyes are in Your Eyes

Do you always look so childlike?
Do they always have this fire burning deep inside?
There is something in your looks that calms me down;
As if I am at the shore of the calmest seas...
I am a sailboat now, at your harbor
I came from thunderstorms, resting in you.
I wish this tranquility, this silence never ends;
I wish these matchless moments with you last forever...
Never close your eyes, never let your light go away,
My day, my light, my silkworm!
My last flower alive in my fall garden!
I wish my tired heart never sees grief with you;
Don't separate your childlike eyese from my eyes,
Your pure, honest, secluded eyes

Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Silent Cry

I hear your voice, 
Though you do not speak, 
You have a longing.
Trust in love you seek.

At night you cry, 
But there is no one to hear-
No one to listen, 
To that dream you hold dear.

Most people don't care, 
So they do not see your tears.
They cannot hear your silent cries, 
Nor sense your deepest fears.

You live in a constant shadow, 
Of what tomorrow will bring.
Will it bring joy or laughter, 
Or teardrops that will sting? 

Today I heard the silent cry, 
An echo from far, far away.
It made me cry, too; 
I didn't know what to say.

You are surrounded by people, 
Yet you are all alone.
They do not see the teardrops, 
Which cut you to the bone.

They cannot feel the anger, 
Seething within your heart.
They cannot feel this pain, 
Tearing you apart.

You did not choose this fate, 
But it's hardships you must face, 
The silent cry is a longing, 
To escape to a safer place.

The past cannot change, 
You cannot change who you are.
There's one thing you can do, 
You can try to heal the scar.

I am here to help you; 
In my love you can rely, 
In a silent cry.

*Lesa MRK (August 1969 / USA)